San Jose and MLB square off over future of Oakland A’s


The future of the Oakland A’s entered the next phase in the ongoing saga trying to determine where the franchise will end up.

According to a report from the Associated Press, via the Washington Post, lawyers representing the city of San Jose are finally squaring off with lawyers from Major League Baseball over the league’s blocking of a franchise move to the city.

A’s fans have heard it all over possible moves in recent years: another Oakland Stadium, a move to Fremont, Sacramento, Portland, Las Vegas, etc. etc..

The antitrust suit that San Jose filed in June is hoping to bring an end to the uncertainty.

The San Francisco Giants claim territorial rights to the city, and MLB has stood up for that claim.  The A’s are not part of the lawsuit, but according to the report, they filed for an extension of the team option in San Jose on Monday, adding fuel and merit to the city’s suit and reaffirming the A’s desire to move there.

One of the lawyers representing the city of San Jose spoke to the nature of their case.

“The location of the team is not the business of baseball,” Joseph Cotchett said, per “The business of baseball is to compete on the field.”

MLB fired back, “Individual teams can’t make some decisions (relocation) all on their own” MLB lawyer John Keker said “Cooperation is the rule.”

It looks like the two sides are in for a long battle.  What say you A’s fans?