WWE BattleGround Results: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton (WWE Championship)


Up next is the main event which will determine who will walk away from BattleGround with the vacant WWE Championship.

Both Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have left the building, so these two competitors should be able to have a clean match up.

Well, the pay per view cut out for a couple of minutes and Michael Cole announced that the entire arena experienced a power outage. I thought I was going to miss some action, but I guess not. So maybe this match will get cut shorter than it was originally supposed to be.

The first man out is Randy Orton, who makes his slow stroll to the ring. The crowd reaction isn’t that bad. But all you can hear in the background besides Orton’s music is a random woman screaming at the top of her lungs.

Daniel Bryan’s music hits and nothing but “Yes! Yes! Yes!” can be heard through out the arena. The obvious fan favorite makes his way up the steps and enters the ring.

Bryan takes control as soon as the bell rings with a side headlock. Orton gets away and delivers a shoulder block to the former WWE Champion. Bryan looks to square up with Orton but he sneaks in a cheap shot and takes Bryan down.

Bryan pushes out of the headlock and hits a drop kick to the “Face” of the WWE. Bryan begins working the arm, possibly setting it up for the Yes Lock.  Orton begins his signature stomps starting with the ankle, then brushing his knee across the face of Bryan three times.

Hey, remember when Michael Cole was completely against Daniel Bryan being in the WWE? All those times during NXT where he would do nothing but bash him? Yeah, well it’s awkward to hear Cole praise him after the history these two had.

Anyways, Bryan hits a hard dragon whip and begins working on the same leg. He delivers a knee to Orton’s leg and continues to work on it. Bryan sets Orton up on the top turnbuckle but gets pushed onto the top ring rope only to be clotheslined off of it.

Randy Orton looks like he’s finally got control of the match in his back pocket once again and delivers right hands to Bryan’s skull in the turnbuckle.

Bryan tries to fight back against his opponent but gets caught up in a signature Randy Orton powerslam. Orton goes back to working the neck of the challenger. Bryan delivers elbows to the midsection and hits the ropes looking to pick up the pace until he runs into a knee to the mid section.

The underdog Bryan begins to pick up the pace of the match just like he wanted to. He hits his signature suicide dive and throws Orton into the barricade and hits a running drop kick.

He rolls Orton back into the ring and goes to hit his flying front drop kick but gets caught up in a powerbomb and turned into a boston crab.

I can’t remember the last time Orton actually used a submission like this one. Yeah you have your basic arm bars. Bryan manages to pull himself out of it and roll up Orton for a two count.

Bryan grabs ahold of Orton’s arm and tries to lock in the Yes Lock but Orton grabs onto the bottom rope. Orton pulls himself out of the ring, Bryan goes to hit him with a baseball slide but it gets dodged. Orton grabs ahold of Bryan and throws him into the steel steps.

The Viper hits a move that involves dropping Bryan back first on the barricade then in one motion throwing him face first into the corner post. Orton climbs into the ring along with Bryan and picks up a two count.

He begins unloading right hands to the lifeless body of Bryan and drags him by his arm. He picks him up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Orton looks as if he may go for a high risk maneuver.

Orton pulls him into a front face lock but Bryan delivers a headbutt. Bryan goes to stand up but Orton knocks his off the ropes. Orton finally hits that super-plex he was looking for as he covers Bryan for a two count.

Both men continue to exchange momentum throughout the last half of the match up. Bryan climbs onto the top rope and hits a high risk suicide dive on Orton. He slides Orton back into the ring, pulls himself onto the top turnbuckle and hits that diving headbutt.

He covers Orton but he throws his shoulder off the mat at the last possible second!

Bryan hits five running drop kicks to the face of Orton as he starts to get pumped up. He’s clearly feeding off of the energy of the WWE Universe. He delivers his Yes kicks to Orton until he catches him in a T-Bone Suplex.

Daniel lands funny on his shoulder and rolls onto the apron. That was a pretty nasty bump he took and wouldn’t doubt it he took some serious damage.

Orton swings Daniel between the ropes and hits his signature hangman DDT. The Viper now begins to coil after toying with the WWE Universe. Orton goes for an RKO but gets countered, Bryan goes to hit a kick to the skull but Orton ducks under.

Orton rolls up Bryan but gets caught up in a Yes lock Big Show makes his way to ringside before Orton could tap, pulls out the referee and delivers a knock out punch to Daniel Bryan.

Orton covers Bryan while ref Armstrong who was fired a couple weeks ago attempts to count, but gets pulled out of the ring and knocked out.

Big Show pulls himself onto the apron and inside the ring. He gets in the face of Orton as the former champion begins to yell at the Giant. Bryan lays motionless between both wrestlers. Orton pushes The Big Show who returns a knock out punch of his own..

Show gets pumped up as both competitors lay motionless in the middle of the ring. Both Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton lay motionless in the middle of the ring along with the refs at ring side.