Royce White may play on Friday

Philadelphia Daily News
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, he is expected to play against the Celtics:

"What will be seen tomorrow night at the Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware in Newark will be White’s debut when the Sixers host the Boston Celtics in preseason game No. 3. His premiere just might be intriguing enough to make Sixers fans forget about the flying issues and instead concentrate on the multidimensional forward."

White is battling anxiety disorder, and has a fear of flying. He had a very nasty, public battle with the Rockets last season. He was never used in the regular season, but Sixers coach Brett Brown seems to be on board:

"“I see a talented player that is wildly creative, wants to do everything,” Brown said. “We want to put him in a real clean role initially and then let him use his creative instincts, but it’s based again on his fitness. He’s very talented, different talented. He’s like DeJuan Blair, when we coached him in San Antonio. He had a different feel for the game – passing, running, creative. I see similarities with Royce.”"

I will believe it when I see it, but I hope we get to see White play in the NBA. He is known as a “point forward”, and he has some talent. When he was sent to the D-League last season he reported out of shape and didn’t want to play, so he is just as much to blame as the Rockets were. Anxiety disorders are a serious matter, but I don’t think he should be using the NBA to bring awareness. He can team with them or create an organization, but calling out franchises for not letting you travel via bus isn’t right. We will see if the Royce White era can get underway in Philly.