Chip Kelly on offense: ‘I don’t think that people have figured it out’


Over the last two game, the once soaring Philadelphia offense has come to a screaming halt. Over eight quarters of play, the offense has accounted for 15 punts, five interceptions, a fumble, and a missed field goal. They have only score three points on a field goal on a drive that started in field goal range.

Despite the Eagles’ offensive offense the last two weeks, head coach Chip Kelly does not believe that his offense has been figured out.

As a matter of fact, he takes offense to the notion, according to Pro Football Talk:

“I don’t think that people have it figured out,” Kelly said.

Kelly’s offense, which was so effective at the University of Oregon, was thought by some to be able to revolutionize the NFL. While this is looking more and more like hype at this point, Kelly believes the problem is with execution, not the offense itself or other teams being prepared for it. Kelly believes that the best offenses succeed because of quarterbacks making perfect throws:

"I can tell you what Peyton Manning is going to do, but you still have to stop them and you still have to execute. I watched Aaron Rodgers last night, his first touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson, where he whizzed it by the kid’s head before he had a chance to turn around, put it right on the money where Jordy, the only thing he could do is catch it. It’s still about executing and I think everybody kind of knows going into the game plan, you’re not going to surprise people eight games in."

Perhaps the problem lies more with the (in)effectiveness of rookie Matt Barkley, who has seen extensive playing time the last two games with both Michael Vick and Nick Foles missing time with injuries. Kelly certainly seems to think so:

"The last two, if I look at the last two and just analyze what the situation is, in both games we got to our third quarterback. I think that’s a difficult proposition, you know, especially when you don’t have a lot of reps for those guys to go around at practice. We have to execute."

The Eagles offense is sure to improve once either Vick or Foles is healthy enough to actually finish again. Maybe then the Eagles could even get an elusive home win. But I think talk of Kelly’s offense changing the way the game is played should be put to rest.