MLB Hot Stove: Our Fantasy Takes on Moves in 1 Convenient Place


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Would anyone like to know a secret about writing for a fantasy baseball site like this one? Okay. I’ll let you in on this one. The time between the end of the World Series and Opening Day actually gives us a lot more to write about than the actual season does, and nothing is more intense than the hot stove season.

With the Winter Meetings taking place this week, we’re expecting it to be even busier and more hectic. Here’s another secret, though. We absolutely love it.

We’re going to have updates about the goings on in Orlando throughout the week, but this has already been a busy offseason and we’ve written a lot about some of the moves that have taken place. In case you’ve missed any of it or would like a refresher on what the moves mean for fantasy baseball, take a look at our thoughts about the moves that have taken place pre-Winter Meetings. For the record, these are our takes actual moves that have happened. Follow this link for our takes on rumored moves.

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