WWE TLC 2013 Review: Randy Orton becomes the new Unified Champion

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Now that match up that everybody was waiting for. The potential match of the year. The one that would unify both championships and allow only one man to walk away from the pay per view as the WWE Unified Champion. Both Randy Orton and John Cena have a lot of history together. For a couple years, these guys could feud back and forth with of course, Orton being the companies top heel. I figured a feud would happen when Orton won the WWE Championship and everybody knew that Cena would eventually be back.

All of their championship match ups in the past were entertaining, but it feels like this is a drum that they need to stop beating. The RAW leading up to this match was epic. With recent former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions in the same ring as both Orton and Cena meeting face to face, was an absolutely brilliant idea. The way things unfolded at the end of that RAW, made it feel like it was a main event for WrestleMania.

With this being the final pay per view of the year and Survivor Series being a little dull, this company needed the final event of the year to have the biggest card with the biggest matches. So why not take both champions and put them together? So we’re back at that again.

This main event was better than I thought it was going to be. With Super Cena in one corner and Randy ‘No Sell’ Orton in the other, both faces of the company collided once again but with both titles on the line. It was a typical Orton/Cena battle which had it’s obvious bumps. Orton would beat down Cena within an inch of his life, then the next thing you know Cena comes back and gives Orton the what for. It went back and forth, but eventually led to John Cena being handcuffed to the bottom rope.

I sorta seen the whole removing the bottom rope thing coming, only because it would have gotten people angry if it ended that way.

In the end, I honestly thought this match was a lot better than the Big Show and Alberto Del Rio match ups we watched at Survivor Series. In the ultimate show down, only one champion was able to walk away from the event with both championships.

That man was Randy Orton.

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