Fantasy Golf 2014 Group Invitation

Sep 22, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Henrik Stenson holds up the FedEx Cup and the Tour Championship Trophy after winning them at East Lake Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the final weekend of the 2013 calendar year and the last weekend without a PGA Tour Golf Tournament as the 2014 season gets ready to roll next week with the start of the Hawaii swing with the annual Hyundai Tournament of Champions.


I’ve been playing fantasy golf for the last few years, and it’s been an awesome way to get to know the tour and really have a rooting interest each weekend. I actually did it for the first time on a dare because I said I would play any kind of fantasy sports. Golf is actually one of the most fun to play on a weekly basis since it does give you players to pull for each week.

This year, we’ll be playing the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf game once again which is a very basic but also strategic weekly golf game. The last few year’s we’ve gotten together a very competitive and enjoyable group of players in a solid 15-20 person group. Hopefully this year, we can get even more people involved and all improve on our rankings from last season. At this point, we don’t have a cool trophy or prize yet, but I’ll post the leaders and winners in my weekly column, and you’ll definitely earn some serious bragging rights since our group is pretty stacked.

To join our group, you’ll need to set up your entry at the Yahoo! Fantasy Golf game. Go to the game page and create your entry. Once you’ve joined click the “Join a Group” link on your home page. Our group ID is 4813 and the password in simply: go. That’s “g0” no capitals, no spaces, no punctuation.

Each week for the tournament, you are required to select eight golfers to be on your roster. You have four starters that are active and four additional golfers on your bench. The players on your bench can be inserted into the starting foursome before the start of any round. Whenever a player is active for any round, it counts as a start for that player. You can only start a player for 10 tournaments for the season, so you’ll need to be strategic in when you utilize big-name players.

Whatever golfers are active score your entry points. The lowest score of the day gets 20 points and each stroke behind is two points less. For example, if your golfer finishes four strokes off the best round of the day, you would receive 12 points. If you have the lowest score of the day, you’ll get 20 points for that golfer.

The only other points awarded each week are bonus points to the top three finishers. If you’ve had any of the top three active for any round, you earn the bonus of 20 points for first, 10 points for second, or 5 points for third.

If you enjoy watching golf on the weekends, fantasy golf is a great way to have someone to cheer for coming down the stretch and show off your knowledge of the game by picking the winners. It’s a great way to enjoy all the nuances of the leaderboard and notice up-and-coming golfers who could be ready for breakout performances. Come join our group, and let’s have a great PGA season!