FIFA Ballon d’Or 2013: Pele wins FIFA Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur

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There was one surprise during the 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or presentation they announced a new award, called the FIFA Ballon d’Or Prix d’Honneur (Award of Honor). The first ever award went to Brazilian legend Pele.

“In the great sweep of history, there are few names that stand out. But when we think of football, there is one name that leaps out above all others,” FIFA President Sepp Blatter said of Pele. “No player has had such an influence on the game. No one has inspired so many to play. His legacy speak to us all. His verve and skill were timeless. His creativity limitless, his good nature boundless.”

Pele ‘sspeech:

"“I promised to my family that I would not cry but I am emotional. First of all I have to thank God for giving me the health to play so many years.“Of course I did not play alone. When we talk about my friends people remember the players but we don’t have to forget the guy who cleaned the shoes, the masseur – I had a lot of good people on my side. I have to share with them all this trophy.“I got so many trophies and prizes but I was jealous because all of those guys who got the Ballon d’Or, which I couldn’t get because I didn’t play in Europe. Now I thank God that I can complete my trophies at home.”"

Pele is also the only player to win three World Cups, and earlier in the show he tried to pick one as his favorite.

“I think each World Cup win means the same. My first World Cup win I was 17 years old, it was a dream for me,” Pele said. “The most important for me was 1970, my last World Cup. I thought ‘I could not retire with a loss’, and we won.”