WWE Royal Rumble 2014 results: Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan (GIF)


WWE Royal Rumble LIVE Sunday, January 26th 2014.

The pay-per-view segment of the 2014 Royal Rumble began with Daniel Bryan taking on Bray Wyatt.  It took forever for Wyatt to get in the ring and for things to get started. Even after the bell rang they stood in their corners for a while. The crowd chanted “YES!” a lot.

Finally they locked horns an went at it. Wyatt got the best of Bryan early on landing a clothesline and a couple of stomps. Bryan fought back with some hits and thew Wyatt into the ropes and took out Wyatt with a kick as he came back into the ring. Wyatt went over the top rope and took out Luke Harper. Him and Rowan were then ejected, as Wyatt came from behind and hit Bryan.

Wyatt huddled with the other two and told them he didn’t need them to fight this war for me and dismissed them. When he turned around he caught Bryan flying off the top rope at him. Wyatt got back into the ring and Bryan came off the top rope again and went for a pin but Wyatt kicked out quickly.

Bryan had Wyatt in the corner and went with some Yes kicks. Wyatt thew him in the other corner and he reversed climbing to the top rope. Wyatt knocked him off and he fell out of the ring and landed on the stairs. Wyatt came outside the ring and gave him a right hand to the face. He charged at Bryan who moved and thew him into the steel steps. Bryan climbed back in the ring as Wyatt laid on the floor being counted out.

Wyatt got back to the ring in time. As soon as he came in, Bryan went after his knee knocking him to the ground. Then Bryan continued to kick Wyatt while he laid on the mat. Bryan landed a take down shortly after Wyatt got up and continued to try and work on him. Wyatt then tried to lock in a submission hold and kneed him in the back of the head.

Wyatt is working in the corner, but Bryan reverses and kicks him some more. He went off the ropes into Wyatt in the corner knocking him to the ground. Wyatt stood up outside the ring and they went back and forth trying to suplex one another over the ropes. Bryan ended up outside the ropes on the edge as well and Wyatt grabbed a hold of Bryan’s arm jumping off the ring and slamming his arm on the side of the ring.

Wyatt rolls Bryan back into the ring. Wyatt picks Bryan up and goes for a vertical suplex that kind of turned into a throw. Then he tried to choke Bryan from behind. Bryan fought his way to his feet and hid Wyatt in the mid section breaking free. He went off the ropes but on his way back Wyatt threw Bryan over the top rope.

Wyatt came outside and threw Bryan back in and had him lying in the corner with his head near the steel post. Wyatt hit Bryan’s head against the post repeatedly. Wyatt went in the ring and Bryan rolled out to try and recover. Wyatt followed him out and ran and jumped on Bryan like a cannon ball into a pool but he landed on his back. Wyatt rolled him into the ring and went for a pin but Bryan kicked out.

Wyatt had Bryan’s head on the bottom rope and stood on his chest. He pulled up on his arm ramming Bryan’s neck into the middle rope. Then he began working on Bryan’s neck again checking him and grabbing him around the neck.

Wyatt did that creepy upside down crawl again before getting up and running into Bryan standing in the corner. He went for a cover and Bryan kicked out at two. Back to them kneeling in the middle of the ring with Wyatt choking Bryan again. They get to their feet Bryan gets out of it, and Wyatt slams him back to the mat. Wyatt tried to do a leg drop on Bryan but he rolled out of the way.

When they were back on their feet, Wyatt threw Bryan into the ropes, but Bryan landed the shoulder bump on Wyatt. He had the momentum and landed some kicks before getting thrown into the corner. He got out of the way when Wyatt charged knocking his face off the turnbuckle. Bryan got Wyatt on the top rope and flipped him off, went for the pin unsuccessfully.

Bryan went for some kicks was thrown into the ropes and ran into the corner and flipped over Wyatt. They bounced off the ropes and ducked each other and then collided mid ring. Wyatt rolled over on Bryan but he kicked out.

Wyatt went for  a suplex, Bryan reversed and when Wyatt came after him, Bryan ducked and thew him over the rope. Bryan then landed a flying, spinning tornado DDT off the edge of the ring onto the floor. Bryan got up and ran at Wyatt and drop kicked him then rolled him into the ring. Bryan did a drop kick off the top rope and jumped to his feet and went for some kicks on a kneeling Wyatt. Bryan went for a pin but Wyatt kicked out.

With Wyatt in the corner, Bryan ran from the other corner repeatedly at him leaping and throwing his body into him. On the third try, Wyatt came out and clotheslined Bryan and went for a pin but Bryan kicked out. Wyatt pulled up Bryan and went for a “Sister Abigail,” and Bryan rolled him up but Wyatt kicked out. Then Bryan locked in the S-Lock. He let go because Wyatt was biting him.

Wyatt got up and pulled up Bryan by the hair and threw him head first into the turnbuckle before lifting him to the top rope. Bryan landed a few head butts on Bryan before knocking him to the turf. Bryan went for a flying head butt that became a splash on Wyatt.

Bryan went for the running knee but Wyatt slid out of the ring. Bryan did his trade mark fly through the ropes at Wyatt, but he caught him and reversed it into a “Sister Abigail” into the barricade. An incredible move.

He rolled Bryan into the ring and yelled at the crowd. He went for a “Sister Abigail” again, landed it then pinned Bryan. This time he was counted 1, 2, 3. Bray Wyatt defeats Daniel Bryan.

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