Stephen Colbert calls it Superb Owl XLVIII to get around NFL trademarks (Video)

Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports /

The Super Bowl is being played in the New York City for the first time and there is a lot of buzz. Comedian Stephen Colbert wanted to talk about the big game on his television show but is unable to use the actual name of the Super Bowl because the NFL protects their trademarks rather aggressively.

Colbert wasn’t backing down, he decided he could avoid all that by re-branding the Super Bowl as the Superb Owl, all just moving one letter. He then does a hilarious segment unveiling their very similar Superb Owl logo, featuring an angry bird like owl atop the trophy.

He also covers ads and other outlets trying to avoid using the Super Bowl name and logo referring to it as the “big game.”

He also takes on Richard Sherman’s rant and includes a cat re-enacting his game-winning play. He also focuses on the word thug and the debate surrounding it.