Report: Jaguars to be more aggressive in free agency

David Caldwell of the Jacksonville Jaguars
David Caldwell of the Jacksonville Jaguars /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are on the road to rebuilding, and according to reports from the Florida Times-Union and ProFootballTalk, General Manager David Caldwell will start offering free agents longer contracts, to keep the talent the team wants, for longer than they have before.

Reports say that Caldwell will be open to offering three and four year deals, having previously only offered two year contracts in the past. The team will also be more aggressive in going after the players identified as high priorities, before looking to pick up players for cheaper deals later in free agency.

"“We need to let the market settle and see where an opportunity presents itself to get some guys a week or two later,” Caldwell said."

Vic Stellino of the Times-Union has predicted that interior offensive linemen will be the top priority – both because they are positions of need, and good talent can be secured for lower prices than at other positions of need, giving the team greater flexibility to bring in short-term deals or veterans.