6 Power Hitters who will Join the 30 HR/100 RBI Club in 2014


Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Power hitters generally come in very high in fantasy baseball rankings. Today, Pete Sullivan continues our countdown with a look at 6 Power Hitters who will Join the 30 HR/100 RBI Club in 2014 that didn’t reach both marks in 2013.

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Miguel Cabrera was one of ten players filling out the roster for the 30 HR/100 RBI club in 2013.  One of those players qualifies as an absolute bombshell: Chris Davis.  It’s not a shock that Davis was able to mash 30 long balls, the shock was the fact that he swatted an additional 23 and managed to hit to the tune of .286 to boot. A number of players, however, could have easily been on the list last season and will be on the list in 2014.

As we look toward the 2014 season we’ll take a look at 6 players who fell short in 2013, but should all punch their ticket to the 30/100 club this year.

#1 Albert Pujols was conspicuously absent from the 30/100 club in 2013.  Injuries to his feet (plantar fascia) really sapped his ability to drive the ball, and any hitting coach will tell you that without a solid base you can’t drive the ball effectively.  While Pujols is not the same player he was with the Cardinals year-after-year, he does still possess raw power when healthy.  Expect 30+ homers in 2014.

#2 Prince Fielder is going to love the newly renamed Globe Life Park (formerly BallPark In Arlington).  The short porch in right field will be much more to his liking than Comerica Park in Detroit.  The jet stream that comes into play in Arlington and that short porch in right will welcome many of Fielder’s jacks in 2014.  Fielder really under-performed in 2013 to the tune of .279/25/106 and you can expect that slash line to be greatly improved in 2014.  Fielder will be closer to 40 HR in 2014 than 30 in all likelihood.

#3 Jose Bautista is always an injury away from disappointing his owners and under producing.  I’m believing he’s looking at 500+ AB’s in 2014, which will translate into 30+ homers.  Bautista didn’t play after August 20 last year due to a bone bruise on his hip, and still cranked out 28 HR in 450 AB’s.

#4 Mike Trout is one person on this list who could fail to make the club because he’s just too talented.  Trout has plenty of power to routinely make the 30/100 club, but could choose to focus on other parts of his game to the “detriment” of pure power numbers.  Great plate discipline, quick hands, reputation, leadoff position etc could all conspire against Trout to rob him of his place in the club.  The Angels offense, however, should be better in 2014 and I believe Trout will benefit enough to hit both the 30/100 markers.

#5 Evan Longoria is due to make this club.  One of the AL’s best hitters and best overall players in the majors over the past few years, Longoria could really use a little help from his friends.  The Ray’s offense was bad last year and while there’s been no overhaul in the offseason, a full season from Will Myers will help Longoria clear the 30/100 club at the bell.

#6  While the Rangers lost Ian Kinsler to Detroit, they added both Shin Soo Choo and Prince FielderJurickson Profar will really begin to contribute and showcase his immense talent in 2014.  Perennial star Third Baseman Adrian Beltre ended 2013 8 RBI short of making the club.  Choo’s addition alone, as an on-base machine, may provide those 8 RBI.  Beltre is as consistent as they come as a hitter and will put together another MVP worthy season in 2014.