WWE Raw Results: Randy Orton hits Batista with an RKO (GIF)


On Monday night, as the road to WrestleMania continues, the show got off to a rather hot start, with sort of an Evolution reunion.

HHH came out to address the Daniel Bryan situation, when Batista walked out to express his frustration with the stipulation that Bryan could be inserted into the Wrestlemania XXX title match if he were to beat HHH.

Eventually, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, made his way to the ring and a couple verbal altercations then ensued.

Hunter eventually dropped a bombshell on everyone by saying that if he’s the one who wins his match with Bryan, then he’ll be in the title match at the end of the night.

After that, HHH walked up the ramp, and then Randy pulled a–well, he pulled a Randy:

Things, in regards to the WrestleMania XX main event, have just gotten interesting.

Only question now is, who will the third man be?