The Best #fantasybaseball Follows on Twitter

Feb 14, 2014; Mesa, AZ, USA; Chicago Cubs catchers during camp at Chicago Cubs training facility at Mesa . Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to be a better fantasy baseball player, you need to hit up Twitter. It’s an excellent place for fantasy baseball content.


Here’s a list of 12 excellent fantasy baseball Twitter follows:

1. @fbcrackerjacks Sure, this is home cooking, but it’s my list! If you follow us we guarantee you a fantasy baseball championship or your money back.

2. @cmcbrien Podcast fans, follow Chris not only to know when the latest edition of the Dear Mr. Fantasy Podcast is released, but also because Chris interacts regularly and is quick to respond to requests.

3. @LarrySchechter is not the most prolific twitterer, but he’s a million time champ of expert leagues and the author of Winning Fantasy Baseball. That’s quite a resumé.

4. @fantasyrundown is ran by Goose, who collects the best fantasy baseball content daily. Wake up, make your coffee, then get the Rundown. That’s the best way to start your day.

5. @BaseballProf is the source of some of the internet’s best fantasy baseball content. I swear by it, even though my mother told me ever to swear. I also try to butter up Bryan Curley of Baseball Professor all the time on Twitter, secretly fishing for a retweet.

6. @dynastyguru Brett Sayre directs the fantasy baseball content at Baseball Prospectus and is required reading for dynasty leaguers.

7. @FantasyTrade411 ‘Trader X’ is always helpful to give solid advice if you are stuck between which player to roster.

8. @rotodealer Alex Kantecki gives solid advice. It’s worth following his work around the blogosphere.

9. @fansidedMLB is the home for all of Fansided’s baseball content. It pays to be informed.

10. @mccoveychron Grant Brisbee is not #fantasybaseball specific, but darned if everything he writes isn’t entertaining as heck.

11. @SultanofStat ESPN writer Tristan Cockcroft is a fantasy baseball HOFer for a reason.

12. @enosarris Eno edits Fangraph’s fantasy content. Thoughtful, smart, and an excellent fantasy baseball follow.


Pay it forward. Hit the Tweet button above and share your recommendations for the best #fantasybaseball follows.