Fantasy Baseball Crackerjacks: A Preview of What’s to Come


Much like the Pirates did in 2013, you can turn a bad fantasy team into a good one with some work. Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Real life baseball games will be played today. My friends, we’ve waited through a long, cold winter for this moment.

So soon our fantasy baseball coverage will shift to the regular season. Right now, of course, we’re still talking sleeper, rankings and draft strategy. If you haven’t had your draft yet, here are some links to help you out:

Top 251 Fantasy Baseball Rankings and Projections
Pitching Sleepers
Bold Predictions
How to Prepare for the Draft

But most of us have already drafted, so let me give you a quick preview of what our regular season fantasy baseball coverage will look like.

Dixon’s Picks

Beginning a few weeks into the season Michael Dixon will provide you a list of starting pitchers who could be good streaming targets based on matchups and park factors. He’ll scour the fantasy baseball waiver wire for pitching value so you don’t have to.

Ask Nash

For over two years we’ve been running a Friday ‘Ask Nash’ column and we continue to get more and more interest in it.

Nash invites anyone to send him an email at nash@fantasybaseballcrackerjacks and hit him up with your question about your team. It can be a question about a trade, a roster move, and add/drop, or simply ask for help with your team as a whole.

But while Nash is helping the particular owner who asked the question, he’s writing it in a way that all fantasy owners can get insight from the principles involved. It’s like having your own little fantasy baseball concierge.

Crackerjack Picks of the Week

New this year will be our picks of the week. We’ll look at the guys who are hot and give our thoughts on if you should ride them out or sell high.

We’ll be doing this in partnership with the Dear Mr. Fantasy Podcast, so all you podcast fans can give that a listen to get another Crackerjack Pick of the Week in addition to the already great features of the podcast like “Who’d You rather?” or “Called Out.”

I’d Roster That!

We’re bringing back the column started by Eric Pleiss of the Talk to Contact podcast.

I’d roster that will be a weekly look at overlooked players to see if there might be a hidden gem out there that is worthy of a roster spot. Everybody loves to discover that guy that everyone else overlooked and ‘I’d Roster That’ will be a column for that.

That’s Not Even Close to All of It

While I highlighted the weekly features, it should go without saying that they are just the beginning. We have a lot more fantasy baseball coverage for the regular season.

Will Meadows will continue his weekly look at various players. Pete Sullivan and Matt Schindler are just getting revved up in their fantasy baseball coverage, so there will be lots more from them as well.

Finally, Tanner Bell will continue to help us become smarter fantasy baseball players and we are planning to hear occasionally from Bryan Curley of Baseball Professor as well.

Some of our plans for regular season fantasy coverage are intentionally vague. That’s because we want to hear from you!

Let us know in the comments what kind of fantasy baseball coverage interests you. Are you looking for something in particular that you can’t find anywhere else? Have you seen something somewhere else and you’d like our take on it? Are you interested more in player evaluation or in-season strategy?

Let us know!