2014 NFL Draft: Ranking Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater after Pro Days

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2) Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football took to the field on Thursday and, well, it was certainly something. Amid the sounds of rappers Drake and Jay-Z blasting in the background, Manziel showcased what he has to bring to the table on the field and all things considered, he didn’t look all that bad. He threw 65 passes, only two of which hit the ground. He was very good throwing to his left on the run and finished the day off strong by hitting a perfect 60+ yard bomb to Mike Evans.

Still, though, there are too many questions still surrounding him in the pocket and about his durability, questions that cannot be answered by George Whitfield chasing you with a broom.

If anything, any gap that was there between Manziel and Bridgewater was closed on Thursday with Johnny Football’s overall performance.