WWE’s Hulk Hogan reflects on Macho Man Randy Savage


Professional wrestling legends Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage have had a lot of history between the two ever since they have gone toe to toe back in the early 80’s. These two have had some classic matches and have been apart of some other great matches in their career.

When these two formed The Mega Powers, fans across the globe didn’t know what to do. Two of the top wrestlers in the business, in the same tag team? Now as time went on, the relationship between Hogan and Savage began to fall apart. Bad blood came out of the relationship and these two started to hate each other not only inside the ring but outside and away from the ring as well.

Savage even released a rap song that I’ll post at the end of this article that was directed at Hogan.

Hulk recently sat down for an interview with WWE.com and said the following about Savage:

"“I was sitting on those little seats in the doctors office in Tampa and all of a sudden the doors open and in comes Randy, “Yeeah! Ooooh yeah! What’s up?” I went, “[Gasp].” Freaked me out, scared me to death. And he goes, “Hey, brother. What’s up, Hogan?” He had that gleam in his eye and looked really healthy and he had a wedding ring on. I said, “Hey, Mach, what’s up with the ring?” He said, “Hey, just married my childhood sweetheart.” Probably three or four months later we talked on the phone a couple times. We talked on the phone a couple of times. I invited him over to have a BBQ, and really got back on track, which was cool. Later, I was with Lanny, his brother, at an independent wrestling show. He told me their Mom wasn’t doing so well with [Randy’s Father] Angelo passing away. So we had planned on having a BBQ at her house – because I got along with Randy’s Mom – and try to cheer her up. So, Lanny and I call Randy from the arena. Three days later, he had the heart attack. It was crazy.” Hulk Hogan via WWE.com."

Hogan goes on and says that he gets very emotional whenever he thinks about him passing away. He says that out of everybody passing away, Randy’s death was the hardest on him.