MLB sets up Replay Twitter account

Photo Courtesy of Adam Hunger - USA Today
As the world changes, the game changes. /

One of the most controversial decisions made by Major League Baseball this past winter was the one to begin using instant replay and challenges to verify or overturn calls that umpires make. With the other major American sports using the feature, it was only a matter of time before the game needed to be updated. Other changes may have influenced the decision in implement replay, and social media may have been a factor. With instant news and instant reaction now available from not just fans but players as well, MLB could ill afford to keep going with a system that relied strictly on the “human aspect” of baseball.

Major League Baseball has continued keeping up with the times with its newest Twitter account. For those that are most certainly going to keep track of how many challenges and reviews are used in the game, MLB has set up an official Twitter account at @MLBReplays that lists the game, the challenged play, and a link to a corresponding video. As of April 1st, the account has five tweets, featuring the five challenged plays from Opening Day. Below is an example of a tweet:

I just asked if the account would consider putting Time of Review (TR) in its tweets but have received no response. We’ll see tonight with the second game of the season if that gets included in the tweets.