Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from April 7

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes it takes a little while for the pitchers to get going. If Monday was any indicator, they may be caught up, as the pitchers dominated the fantasy baseball stats on April 7.

But as good as they were, one hitter was just a little better.


Daily Fantasy Baseball MVP

Troy Tulowitzki — Colorado Rockies

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Tulo was off to a red-hot start to this season, and after Monday, it got even a little harder. He was pulled at the end of the game and as a result, lost a potential RBI opportunity. But with Tulo’s injury history, fantasy owners can’t be too discouraged with him being pulled in a blowout game.

With Tulo’s hot game today and Hanley Ramirez hitting two home runs on Sunday night for the Dodgers, it’s a good time to have the game’s top shortstops on your squads.


Daily Honorable Mentions

1. John Lackey — Boston Red Sox

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Lovers of good pitching, we’ve got you covered today. The Red Sox definitely needed a bit of a jolt after a tough weekend, and Lackey gave it to them, shutting down a good offense in the process.

Fantasy owners everywhere should be encouraged by Lackey’s start to the season. Pitching in the AL East, he’ll see plenty of good offenses, but he’s done a fine job against two of the better ones — Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers. Definitely a nice guy to have rounding out your fantasy rotations.


2. C.J. Wilson — Los Angeles Angels

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After getting shelled by the Mariners in his first start of the year, Wilson got back on track against the Astros on Monday. Granted, they don’t exactly feature a Murderer’s Row caliber lineup, but that’s a great performance against anyone.

Wilson may hit a bit of a roadblock in the coming weeks, as he’s slated to go against Miguel Cabrera and the Detroit Tigers, and the New York Yankees later in the month.

But after a good start against the Astros, he gets another plus matchup against the Mets this weekend. It may be a tough week to go against someone who has Wilson on the team.


3. Jason Vargas — Kansas City Royals

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As you can see, Vargas produced identical stats to Wilson, just with fewer K’s.

Vargas is actually a potentially good pickup on a short term option if you find yourself needing a bit of a kick in the rotation. His next two starts come against a Twins team filled with potential, but still a bit light in overall offense.

He’s burned me before as a fantasy pitcher and I don’t love him long term. But for a few starts, you could do worse.