Wilson and SportIQ to introduce Smart Basketball technology in winter 2014


Photo Credit: Wilson Sporting Goods Co. and SportIQ.

Have you ever wondered how well you shoot the basketball from different areas on the court?  If you are an aspiring high school, college, or professional basketball player, knowing your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to shooting the rock is invaluable information.

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. and SportIQ have partnered to create the Wilson Smart Basketball with make/miss technology.  The basketball contains sensors that deliver information to a smartphone or tablet to let you know how your practice session went.

The makers of the product believe it will change the way basketball players at every level practice.

Alan Davenport, Global Director of Basketball for Wilson, said “This intelligent basketball brings a unique approach to training through real-time statistic generation delivered to a smart device.  The opportunities for individual and coach-directed training are truly unlimited.”

SportIQ is a technology company based in Finland, and its CEO, Harri Hohteri, explained how the product works, “We literally taught the ball to differentiate between a made shot and a missed shot, and we deliver this data to a smart device with no attachments to the rim, no additions of any kind; just a player and his ball getting better.”

Hohteri added, “During my career as a professional basketball player in Europe, I would have benefited greatly from this type of understanding around my training.  What was my shooting percentage from different distance ranges or areas on the court?  What did I need to be working on? We’re now bringing our high basketball IQ to the field of digital technology to answer these questions.”

The Wilson Smart Basketball will be available for purchase during the 2014 holiday season.  Register at www.wilson.com/smart to receive more information.

For a sneak peak, view the commercial below:

The good news for aspiring athletes in other sports is the Smart Basketball will be the first sensor-enabled product released by Wilson and SportIQ.  More products are on the horizon.

Don’t forget Wilson manufactures golf clubs, so be on the lookout for stroke-shaving technology soon.


Photo Credit: Wilson Sports Goods Co. and SportIQ.

Photo Credit: Wilson Sports Goods Co. and SportIQ.

Photo Credit: Wilson Sports Goods Co. and SportIQ.