Out of the Park Baseball 15 launching with incomplete 3D


The launch of Out of the Park Baseball 15 is just four days away, and while nearly everything is ready to go for the latest in the popular text-based baseball simulation, one new feature won’t be launching without bugs on April 18 when those who pre-ordered the game get access to the product.

In a release on Monday afternoon, OOTP Developments announced that OOTP Baseball 15 will launch with an incomplete 3D feature in order to not delay the release of the game.

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From OOTP Developments:

"We will include a pop-up dialog that warns users of its current state, and we will publish free updates through the spring and summer to improve this feature. In addition, we have hired a full-time 3D programmer whose sole focus will be 3D in OOTP 15 and beyond. The goal with 3D in OOTP 15 is to lay the foundation for lots of exciting things in the future, including actual players on the field, 3D replays, and much more."

For more information on the game’s current state and the incomplete 3D feature, visit the game’s official forums. OOTP Baseball 15 launches on April 18 for pre-orders. The rest of the public will receive the game on Monday, April 21.


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