Rams’ Sam Bradford would get ‘strong return’ in trade

Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /

CBS’ Jason La Canfora proposed an interesting idea in a column, the St. Louis Rams should try and trade quarterback Sam Bradford. He went above and beyond to make sure no one got confused that he wasn’t reporting that Bradford is on the trade block or that the Rams are shopping him, so get that straight.

La Canfora is simply making the point that with the draft picks they have in their possession, the No. 2 and No.13 overall picks, trading Bradford could help propel them into the playoffs. A player who could start and fill a need and a high draft pick is what La Canfora thinks would make the deal worth while. He also cites several front office executives who think Bradford could net a strong return and that there’d be considerable interest in Bradford.

“They love the kid, at least the ones I’ve talked to about him,” one NFL executive told La Canfora. “He’s still a pretty popular figure with them. And everyone knows he’s a tremendous kid. If he was available I would expect there to be a lot of coaches in personnel meetings who would think they would be the guy to get him to fulfill his potential.”