Is Facebook diluting itself too much?


Facebook for smartphones has been an ever-changing component, and it looks like we are just now hitting the tip of the iceberg.  With Facebook having started to push its Messenger app as early as last year, it appears CEO Mark Zuckerburg is going after simplicity through separation.

Earlier this month, Zuckerburg announced that Facebook’s messenger component will be stripped from the main app and be transitioned solely into use by the standalone Messenger app.  To follow up the announcement, Facebook integrated a Nearby Friends functionality to it’s standard Facebook app.

Also in the same time frame, Facebook announced the changes to its Paper app.  Paper is the company’s run at an ever constant status update machine that takes notifications, birthdays, and events out of the picture.

As Facebook continues to work towards a model that is designed around standalone functionality, the question remains; What about the necessity of each app based on functionality alone?  As the company continues to splice off assets of its powerful core, is there genuinely enough for each app to survive on its own?

Ever since the initial IPO of Facebook, the company has been expanding and looking for new and creative ways to drive business and generate revenue.  Each opportunity poses opportunity for growth, but only if successfully executed and received.  Only time will tell how this next step for the social media giant plays out.


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