NFL Draft rumors: Could the Houston Texans trade the top pick to Jacksonville Jaguars?


With the 2014 NFL Draft nearly here, the spotlight on the Houston Texans, new head coach Bill O’Brien and what they intend to do with the top overall pick is brighter than ever. Will they take a potential franchise quarterback? Will they look to beef up their defense? Or, as has been expressed a lot more lately, will they actually trade out of that top spot?

Yes, as more and more time passes, the possibility of the Texans actually just moving out of that bright spotlight either on or sometime shortly before draft day becomes more and more plausible.

It was a possibility that was recently explored by ESPN draft expert Todd McShay, and he actually sees the Jacksonville Jaguars as the best partner, giving a chance to both teams to grab defensive players they each covet.

This does work for both sides, should they choose to go this route.

The Jaguars, probably more than anyone in the pre-draft process, seem to be the most in love with Clowney out of everyone else. That’s not to say the Texans aren’t interested in getting the ultimate weapon to play opposite J.J. Watt, but that potentially have just as much interest, if not more, in Khalil Mack–and then a signal caller further down on the list.