Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from April 26


Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday was big day for the hitters, who nearly swept today’s look at the top fantasy baseball stats.

Three of the top hitters in the game dominated with the bats, but they were all beaten out by a fantasy waiver wire pitcher.

Daily Fantasy Baseball MVP

Tanner Roark — Washington Nationals

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The Padres aren’t exactly a juggernaut, especially without Chase Headley, but Roark was absolutely dealing on Saturday afternoon. If he continues to pitch strong, the already strong Nationals pitching staff gets that much better.

Four of Roark’s outings this year have been quality starts and despite one rough outing, he has a clean ERA (2.76) and WHIP (1.16). He’s also available in more than 90 percent of ESPN leagues. You could do a lot worse than him if you’re looking to round your fantasy rotation out.

Daily Honorable Mentions

1. Justin Upton — Atlanta Braves

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The team could have helped Upton’s stats a bit more by being on base when he hit his homer, or driving him in when he got on base.

Still, you can’t really ask for more from a player on your fantasy team. That’s a plus contribution in every standard fantasy category.

2. Mike Trout — Los Angeles Angels

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Everything that applied to Upton applies to Trout here, who contributed across the board for the Angels. Unlike the Braves, they were not able to pull a victory off.

The only thing that knocks Trout below Upton is one fewer hit. The best player in the game is off to a great start and across the board contributions like this are the exact reason why he went No. 1 in the majority of fantasy leagues.

3. Jose Bautista — Toronto Blue Jays

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Bautista got a little more from his teammates (though the Jays lost), but he didn’t quite have the overall contribution that Trout or Upton did.

Still, this is why you draft a guy like Bautista and like everyone else here, he’s off to a great start to the 2014 season. This kind of pace will get Joey Bats around 40 bombs and yes, that absolutely is sustainable.