D-Von Dudley reflects on his first taste of Extreme


Former WWE Tag Team Champions, The Dudley Boyz.

Photo Credit: WWE.com

There’s no doubt in my mind that The Dudley Boyz are hands down the greatest tag team that ever stepped foot inside a squared circle. These two life-long friends have held Tag Team gold from nearly every major professional wrestling company on the planet and have dominated team after team in their glory days.

Now one half of this tag team is currently away from the world of professional wrestling. That man happens to be D-Von Dudley. His partner in crime Bubba Ray is still with Total Non-Stop Action.

With WWE Extreme Rules coming up this Sunday, the WWE reached out to D-Von in hopes of getting an interview with someone who has been through a lot of extreme rules matches in his time. They were able to get him to do his first interview with the WWE since both D-Von and Bubba Ray left the WWE back in 2005.

The person conducting the interview asked him what his first extreme match was. D-Von responded with:

"” It was on April 13, 1996, at the Lost Battalion Hall in Queens, N.Y. I ran out to help Bubba Ray Dudley against J.T. Smith & Little Guido. I took a cane and crushed J.T. Smith so hard he sustained a concussion. To this day, every time I see him I apologize. I beat him and poor Little Guido so bad with that cane. I also picked up bottles and everything I could get my hands on, including tables, and he was trying so hard to get out of the way. If you watch the match, you cannot believe the chaos that went on. The ECW crowd erupted and I was into extreme from that day forward.” – D-Von Dudley via WWE.com"

He was also asked about his former boss and long-time friend Paul Heyman’s current role with the WWE:

"“It’s the real Paul Heyman! He does things that make you hate him, but a minute later you want to marry him and love him.” – via WWE.com"

D-Von also goes onto say that he considers Daniel Bryan to be the most extreme Superstars on the current WWE roster. And who would he choose as a tag team partner if Bubba Ray wasn’t available?

WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E. What a tag team that would be!