Matt Barnes: A Tweet Life

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Matt Barnes has never heard the notion, “sometimes walking away isn’t quitting.” Nor would he believe it. On a deep Los Angeles Clippers team overflowing with shooters, enforcers, and up-and-comings, Barnes is, well, 34-years old.

His hair is shiny and ink-black, with a Sunday-comics look. A quick Google search will yield a cartoon caricature using fist before brain, the definition of a decade-long stint in the NBA. Barnes has spent 10 years with 8 teams; a contemporary nomad in a league where commitment is earned. The Santa Clara native’s mea culpa never satisfies; his routine emotional and mental collapses and the off-court tirades that follow often dwarf his on-court contributions. But make no mistake, Barnes is a critical piece of the eclectic Clips puzzle in 2014.

Barnes also has one of the most entertaining, self-aware, and beguiling Twitter accounts in the NBA. His unique vernacular and affinity for requisitioning self-affirmation are likely the most arduous tasks of his agent and Clippers PR staff alike. Barnes’ irritable temperament is unflinchingly colloquial. He probably doesn’t believe that, either. Here are some of his best tweets from this season.

Did I mention self-aware?

International man of mystery.

Breaking: Matt Barnes may believe that a concussion is a bruise.

Matt Barnes activism at its finest!

When you nearly average a flagrant foul each game it must be difficult to keep track of them.

Well, see…I’m not sure that’s how it works…