NFL Draft Rumors: St. Louis Rams to work out Johnny Manziel and Mike Evans together


So far it has been impossible to predict what the first round of the NFL draft will look like and it has been harder than any other year. Not only are there only about three or four can’t-miss prospects, but there are more than a handful of teams willing to move up, down and all around in the order.

The St. Louis Rams were one of the first teams to be mentioned in trade rumors way back when the season ended and those rumors have only intensified since. They may have tipped their hand a bit to their strategy though as according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, the Rams will be working out three Texas A&M stars: Johnny Manziel, Jake Matthews and Mike Evans.

This is an interesting development as the Rams could get crafty and come away with two of the most interesting prospects in the draft class and do so by trading down. Hypothetically, the Rams could trade down with a team looking to leap frog the Jaguars and Browns in order to draft Sammy Watkins or Khalil Mack (or Jadeveon Clowney depending on the Texans). This would put the Rams in a situation where they could pick No. 6 overall, draft Manziel, Evans or Matthews and then draft one of the remaining three at No. 13 overall.

Assuming the Rams pick u a second round pick in the trade, they could even go a step further and pick Manziel, Evans or Matthews and then trade up to draft one of the other three. Pairing Manziel and Evans is gutsy but it seems like a move that Jeff Fisher not only would make, but can afford to do.