NBA Draft Lottery results 2014: Cleveland Cavaliers gets No. 1 overall pick


On Tuesday night, right before the tip-off of Game Two of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the NBA held the annual draft lottery. Unlike the NFL, where the team with the worst record gets the No. 1 overall pick, every team that misses out on the NBA playoffs gets a shot at the No. 1 overall pick in a lottery system.

Now it isn’t just as simple as a ball popping up with the team’s logo. Earlier today, FanSided’s Josh Sanchez detailed the process:

"The process begins with fourteen ping pong balls numbered 1-14 being placed into the lottery machine. Each team in the lottery is assigned a certain amount of four-number combinations."

The Milwaukee Bucks came in with the best chance of winning the NBA Lottery with a 25 percent chance. The Philadelphia 76ers were second with a 19.9 percent chance. The top three picks are the only ones that are decided by the lottery. Picks four through 14 will be determined in reverse order of regular season record, like the NFL draft.

We found out during the process on the show that the top three picks would go to either the Bucks, 76ers or Cleveland Cavaliers. While announcing the 4-14 picks, the Cavaliers weren’t mentioned meaning that they leaped into the lottery.

The Cleveland Cavaliers came in with the ninth best odds at 1.7 percent. Despite such long shot odds, the Cavaliers leap-frogged into the top three of the lottery and got the No. 1 overall pick for the second consecutive year.

Get ready to be beat over the head with “NBA is rigged” comments and the NBA wants LeBron James to return to Cleveland. Jalen Rose was already talking about LeBron James returning to Cleveland after the draft and before the second game of the Eastern Conference Finals. It is the third time in four years that the Cavaliers have gotten the pick and the second consecutive year.