Jose Fernandez admits to pitching through pain

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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According to a report on Deadspin, Jose Fernandez had some telling remarks during a meet with the media last night.

The young ace admitted to reporters that he originally felt a pinch in his elbow a start prior to the one that ended up being the last of his season. He says he kept quiet because he didn’t want to let his team down, but he entered that San Diego start knowing he wasn’t 100 percent.

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“‘I don’t regret not saying anything,” said Fernandez, ‘I think that was my call. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing, but this is my team and I give my life to my team.'”

This is an interesting and telling reveal for Fernandez. Much like the concussion epidemic sweeping football these days, injuries other than head injuries may be just as likely to be hidden by players. Not only are they wired to always give it their all and always demand the ball, but the possibility of letting teammates down is a bigger pull than most fans realize. Fernandez admits it wasn’t smart of him to pitch after feeling elbow pain, but he also says he doesn’t regret doing so.

This is just another in a long line of amazingly shortsighted thoughts by athletes, even if Fernandez’s reasoning and logic was admirable.