Secret now on Android


The app Android users have long been awaiting hits the market today.  Secret is officially making its Android debut and is also rolling out new features for iOS users.  The app is now also available globally.

Thanks to their blog, Secret also had this to say:

"“These conversations and the incredible openness of the Secret community has inspired us to work as quickly as possible to bring Secret to more people in more places around the world”"

To make up for the long-awaited app, Android users will get to experience to unique features available only on the Android version of the Secret app.  Activity streams, “Friend” and “Explore” will make their debut.  The Friend activity stream will showcase secrets from friends, or people who are in users current contact list.  The Explore activity stream will boast secrets from users around the world.

Secret rolled out updates to both the Android and iOS versions today as well.  The updates are focused around increased interaction amongst users.  Questions posted by Secret’s team will appear for users to answer and will be shared with those around the globe.  The prompts will come unannounced and will debut for all users over time.

While Secret is a service that is based on anonymity, users will now be able to see how many of their friends use the app.  Individual names will still be left out, but each user will see how many of their friends are on the app through a display card.

The new development shows that Secret is able to move quite quickly.  Just a few weeks ago, Secret announced its intentions to go live with an Android version of the app and to expand into new countries.  Prior to the new updates, Secret was only available to iOS users based in the United States.

Hop on Secret and let us know how you feel about the new update and functionality on Android devices.