TNT releases Inside The NBA Bingo Card


Inside the NBA has been considered one of, if not the best, NBA pregame show around. The cast of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny “The Jet” Smith, and Charles Barkley always have a perfect blend of hilarity and insight. Their shenanigans can now be dealt with in the form of a bingo game, released on NBA on TNT’s official Twitter account tonight.

Some of the best spots on the board include Chuck saying “First of all…”, Shaq giving a player a new nickname, and Chuck screaming “Ginonobiliiiiiiii!”. Without a doubt, fans could fill up this board most likely in the pre-game show, let alone the halftime report and the post-game show as well.

The crew is certainly one of the best cast of characters for any sports show, let alone an NBA one. More often than not, filters are not used and nothing is out of bounds when it comes to conversation topics. The segments are often filled with Shaq ribbing on Chuck, or Chuck ribbing on anyone and everyone. Add in the wrestling matches and Shaq’s practical jokes, and laughter is to be had.

The crew tackled the delicate Donald Sterling issue head on, but has also have provided the lighter side of sports with Chuck’s recent comments about the women of San Antonio igniting quite the (friendly) uproar, leading to a response from Tim Duncan’s girlfriend prior to Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals.

So play along for the rest of the night and let us know when you fill your board up!