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Beer Review Of The Week

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Photo Via New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium’s Blue Paddle Pilsner

I’ve reviewed numerous New Belgium brews already this year. They’re one of my absolute favorite US microbreweries. They have numerous beers that I would highly recommend. Unfortunately, Blue Paddle isn’t one of them. I didn’t dislike this beer, it just simply lacked any real memorable characteristics whatsoever. If I was to list what I thought was its best quality it would be that it’s a very easy drinking beer. My problem is that if I’m going to pick up a microbrew I’d like it to have a more noteworthy flavor profile than a typical mass produced beer. While pilsners in general are a lighter style of beer, I must prefer the more German style pilsner with a little more to it. Blue Paddle is described as a Czech style pilsner, a style I’m admittedly not all that familiar with. So if you’re a big craft beer fan I don’t think this would be one that I would recommend rushing out to try. New Belgium has MUCH better offerings to sample. However, if you’re not a craft beer drinker and you were looking for a safe beer to try to go outside the Bud and Coors type beers of the world, this would be about as safe as you get.

My Rating (1-10): 4

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