Charles Barkley tells Spurs fans they suck

Credit: Fox Sports
Credit: Fox Sports /

Charles Barkley is evidently not a fan of San Antonio other than their basketball team. In the past week Barkley has harangued the women of San Antonio, ridiculed the halftime show during Game 2, and recently berated Spurs fans as well.

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Last night, after the Spurs defeated the Thunder 112-77 to take a commanding 2-0 series lead, the crowd rained chants of ‘Barkley sucks’ throughout the AT&T Center while the TNT crew was in the midst of their post game show.

Barkley, during an interview with Danny Green, wanted the fans to know that they suck as well. Check out the video below:

If you can not watch the video, here are the quotes (courtesy of USA Today):

"I don’t know if you can hear, these San Antonio fans are telling me that I suck. I just want them to know they suck too.Most of the people in San Antonio been great to me and they can take a joke. One advantage I always have is it’s easy to say words, but they won’t come to my face to say it because I’ll beat [them] down. Talk is never going to hurt me, but if they get too close, I’m-a beat ‘em like a drum."

Barkley seemingly has the ability to get away with saying nearly anything on national television. He literally threatened to beat up any fans who would say he ‘sucks’ to his face. Yes it was in a joking tone, but other newscasters have been booted or reprimanded for far less than what Barkley said.