NBA Draft 2014: Dante Exum ready for the NBA


The most talked about prospect in the 2014 NBA Draft in recent weeks is Australian point guard. Outside of scouts, coaches fans watching on YouTube, not a whole of people have seen Exum play, yet he is considered to be a top-five prospect by nearly everyone.

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Exum didn’t exactly blow everyone away at last week’s scouting combine like many thought he would, but he still tested fairly well and with his size, he could present a huge challenge for opposing point guards in the NBA. Despite all of the hype, Exum has stayed humble and is ready to make the transition to the NBA.

Roy Ward of Hoops Addict has the scoop.

"In the past year I have talked to lots of people who have worked closely with Exum, so often the conversation begins with “don’t report this but Dante did this”.I won’t break those confidences but each time they told me stories of him going the extra mile for a teammate, telling volunteers or officials he appreciated their work and similar gestures.Dante has been a heart-beat away from the NBA for over a year now but hasn’t let it change his values – if that isn’t the best possible indication of his ability to handle the NBA, then I don’t know what is."

Exum is most often associated with the Orlando Magic, who hold the fourth-overall pick.