Stephanie McMahon thought Triple H was gay when they met


If you ever wanted to know how WWE power couple Stephanie McMahon and Triple H first met, we got our answer. McMahon participated in a live chat with The Mirror and answered fan questions about a number of topics including her unflattering first impression.

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McMahon admits that she first thought Triple H may have been unavailable, because she thought that he and Shawn Michaels were a couple.

Wait, what?

“My first impression of Triple H… Well, I was in college watching DX on Monday Night Raw and I have to say that, um, I was very intrigued with DX,” McMahon said during the chat, via

“And I actually did wonder if — I’m going to get so killed for this, maybe I won’t say it — I wondered if Triple H and Shawn didn’t have more than a friendship going on. No, they were so much fun. Anyway, as soon as I met the man I obviously fell in love with him and it was love at first sight.”

Poor Triple H.

First, he loses the belt to a one-armed Daniel Bryan, and then he goes on to find out his wife thought he was gay.

Someone please go give the guy a hug.

Except you, Shawn. We don’t need anymore rumors to be starting.

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