Jim Ross says CM Punk belongs with Top 25 WWE wrestlers of All-Time


CM Punk has already solidified his place in history as the “Best in the World”. His 434 day reign as WWE Champion alongside Paul Heyman won’t soon be forgotten. Where many believe his legacy could be affected is his long documented butting of heads with WWE officials and ultimate walk-out departure from the company, which could lead to his ousting from recent WWE history.

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Jim Ross, the resident voice of the WWE to fans, took some questions about CM Punk’s legacy alongside the best wrestlers of All-Time and whether or not he deserves to be mentioned with the best ever.

"I was asked today by the Chicago Tribune if CM Punk deserved to be in the top 25 of the all time great wrestlers. I said that all these “All Time Top” whatever lists are overly subjective but my list would be the talents who I would want in my company if I owned a wrestling organization. By the way, that will never, EVER, happen. Nonetheless, I’d absolutely want Punk on my team so therefore under my criteria he’s a top 25 guy. He’s too versatile, too skilled, an excellent hero or villain, can talk, has a great work ethic and is one of the smarter minds I’ve been around.I was also asked if CM Punk abruptly leaving WWE would adversely affect his legacy. My answer, a simple “Hell, no.”"

Years from now, if Punk stays out of the business, it would sadden many to look back on his seemingly “short” time in WWE as a flash in the pan. If that indeed happen, I’m not sure Vince McMahon or Triple H will hold Punk on the same pedestal as embattled legends such as Bret Hart and the late Ultimate Warrior.

CM Punk has a fan legacy, no doubt, but his legacy in the eyes of WWE may be tarnished or ignored.