Kid at Miami Heat game dresses up like Chris Andersen (GIF)

Credit: @CorkGaines
Credit: @CorkGaines /

The Miami Heat have always been criticized for not having a very strong and loyal fan base, as other NBA fans have chastised Heat fans for being fair weather. Ever since LeBron James came to town, there has been a lot of hate directed at Heat fans for only being there for the party and not the game, but that’s just not the case.

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While some of the fans at the game might be there for the pop culture appeal of the event, or because it’s the appetizer to their night club hopping, there is a very loyal fan following for the Heat and we saw vivid proof of that before Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

We’ve all met Chris Andersen, dubbed Birdman by the media and fans, but now we’ve met the child version of Bidman. Meet, Birdkid.

Credit. Zombie Prophet
Credit. Zombie Prophet /

Andersen may not be the best role model for kids, but for being the Dennis Rodman of this Miami Heat dynasty he’s really not as bad as he could be. He’s come back from drug addiction, pulled himself up numerous times both on and off the court and is standing taller than he ever has with Miami.

The stories about Andersen are almost mythical, as his rise from the ashes is one thing, and then the stories about him giving members of the Heat hunting knives this past week as gifts is something entirely different.

Either way, he balls hard for Miami in the postseason and at the end of the day that’s all that matters. Someone might want to find the parents of the kid who dressed up like Andersen and talk to them though.