MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers might have room for Kendrys Morales because of injuries?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Insurance policies are an aspect of season-ending injuries in Major League Baseball that do not often get discussed. It just so happens that in the case of the Texas Rangers and their awful luck with injuries, it might be money recouped from insurance that could allow them to sign free agent designated hitter/first baseman Kendrys Morales.

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Season-ending injuries to Matt Harrison and Prince Fielder, devastating though they are to the team’s chances, might free up the money to sign Morales and try to plug in a hole in the Texas lineup.

Evan P. Grant of the Dallas Morning News breaks down how that financial situation could work out:

"“The injuries to Prince Fielder and Matt Harrison will allow the Rangers to submit claims on their respective insurance policies and the benefits could be worth up to $10 million. That’s about what Stephen Drew, who shares the same representative (Scott Boras) as Morales, will receive for the deal he just signed with Boston.”"

Grant also argues that the Rangers should move on Morales quickly because he might be more valuable than a draft pick and because the time is now to make a move. That would seem like a hasty approach given the fact that the Rangers will not have to surrender a draft pick to sign Morales in less than two weeks once the MLB Draft is over (June 5-7).

It’s going to take longer than two weeks for Morales to work his way back into the mix and even join a big league team. So yes, it is interesting to note that the Rangers will have the money to move on Morales, but it seems like it would be foolish for them to even start exploring that option until after the draft next month.