WWE RAW complete results, May 26: Daniel Bryan given an ultimatum; Evolution stands tall


It’s Monday night once again in late May which means that it’s time for this year’s Memorial Day edition of WWE Raw.

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This week’s RAW goes back to its normal live airing after they were forced to tape last week’s show as they were touring the great country of England. Because of the taping format, there really wasn’t anything too noteworthy to come out of last Monday’s show, but with Payback just six days away now, tonight could be different.

Last week Stephanie McMahon stated that she would not be stripping Bryan of his WWE championship, rather he will need to surrender it on tonight’s RAW. That right there created the most intrigue for tonight’s show as now it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Bryan obeys the orders.

Also tonight, we should see some great advancement in the feuds between John Cena and Bray Wyatt, and Evolution and the Shield. Again, with the next special event just six days away, something has to give tonight.

It’s already been announced that there will be a contract signing between the Shield and Evolution, meaning that someone is more than likely going through a table tonight during a melee.

As always, follow along with FanSided’s live coverage of RAW below throughout the night as we get set for Payback this Sunday:

Show opens up with traditional Memorial Day video package. 

Stephanie McMahon and HHH are out first to open up the action. Steph says that Bryan needs to give up the title because he can’t physically defend it. Hunter grabs the mic and reiterates that Bryan can’t physically defend the title.

HHH moves the conversation from Bryan to the Shield and their battle with Evolution. He mentions the contract signing later this evening.

Stephanie then calls out general manager Brad Maddox who heads to the ring. HHH calls out Maddox for allowing all of the interference in last week’s match.

Kane’s music hits and out comes the Demon. Off the distraction, HHH takes a shot at Maddox. Kane enters the ring and Stephanie tells Kane to teach Maddox a lesson, and that lesson turned out to be a chokeslam, followed up by a tombstone.

Stephanie then does ultimately end up hitting the laid out Maddox with a, “You’re fired!”

Cesaro vs. Rob Van Dam

Prior to the match getting started, Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett makes his way out. After doing his Bad News segment, he makes his way over to the announce table and Cesaro starts the assault on RVD.

After some back and forth for about five minutes, they cut to commercial break.

Back from commercial, Cesaro is in control on the mat before RVD makes the comeback.

After RVD picked up some huge momentum, RVD was distracted by Barrett on the outside, allowing Cesaro to hit the German Suplex bridge for the win.

After the match, Sheamus’ music hits and he runs down to the ring to hit a Brogue Kick on Cesaro, sending he and Heyman to the back.

Back from commercial, Eva Marie and Nikki Bella are in the ring waiting for Summer Rae who makes her way down to the ring.

Eva Marie vs. Summer Rae

Eva Marie gets all aggressive early on in this one. Summer Rae eventually takes back over as these two continue to try and prove they can remotely do anything right in the ring, bless their hearts.

After a few minutes, Fandango and Layla make their way out. Layla starts making out with Fandango on the top of the ramp, causing the distraction to Summer Rae allowing Eva Marie to get the win.

Winner: Eva Marie

Backstage segment: Cody Rhodes and Goldust walk in to challenge Randy Orton and Batista. HHH walks in and makes the match official. However, there’s going to be some sort of stipulation that they didn’t announce just yet.

Drew McIntyre vs. El Torito (No, like, for real)

After El Torito pulls off an armdrag, McIntyre then actually does start pummeling the little guy. After interference from the outside, Torito gets the pin!

Following the match, Hornswoggle gets in the ring and starts whipping Torito with the tail that he yanked off.

Bray Wyatt promo

Wyatt comes out with the family and gives the fans what they want by singing “He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands.” Bray eventually calls for Jerry Lawler to get in the ring. JBL tries to make the save, but is attacked on the outside by Rowan and Harper.

Lawler gets in the ring and they seat him on a chair. Bray accuses Lawler of propping up John Cena over the years. He accuses Lawler of being a liar.

Cena comes out for the save, but Harper and Rowan get him under control. Right as Bray is about to hit Sister Abigail on Lawler in front of Cena, the Usos come out to help stop it. Cena grabs the mic and says that Bray has now crossed some serious lines. He cuts a promo on how “Payback will be a bitch” for Wyatt on Sunday because that’s about as clever as Cena could get there.

Zack Ryder vs. Rusev

The match itself lasted all of about a minute until Rusev got the win. Just as Rusev was going to pummel Ryder more, Big E. came out to make the save and actually cleared Rusev out of the ring and then celebrating in the ring with the American flag.

Winner: Rusev

Randy Orton and Batista (Evolution) vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Cody and Goldust get on the offensive early on in this one on both Orton and Batista, until Randy eventually turns it around on Cody.

After Cody gets the beatdown, he’s able to eventually get the tag to Goldust who comes in and gets the offense going again before they cut to commercial.

Back from the commercial, Batista is handing it to Goldust in the middle of the ring. Soon after, though, he’s able to get the hot tag to Cody who comes in and starts taking it to Orton.

But, Orton ends up hitting an RKO from out of NOWHERE. He hits Cody with one more to get the win.

Well, or so we thought as Justin Roberts announced that this was an elimination match and it’ll now be Evolution against Goldust in a handicap, no-holds barred match. Orton and Batista immediately take Goldust to the outside and start the onslaught.

Goldust ends up eating a spear, RKO and then a Batista Bomb to finally end it.

Winners: Evolution

Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara gets some offense in early, but is eventually hit the the running “Bo-Dog,” giving Dallas the victory on his RAW debut. After the match, Dallas cut another one of his sarcastic, inspiring promos.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Next up is the Daniel Bryan-Stephanie McMahon segment…

Bryan-Stephanie segment

Stephanie is out first and calls out Bryan immediately who walks out onto the ramp with his neck brace on to a huge ovation. She says it’s nice to see him and reminds him that she could strip him of the title and she doesn’t want to make him a martyr. Steph tells Bryan that he knows these people deserve a champion that can compete.

Once again she reiterates that he has to surrender it.

Bryan gets on the mic and says his win at ‘Mania was the payoff to hard work and sacrifice, and then he announces that the injury to his neck is worse than originally thought. He says that there’s no shame in handing over the belts. Stephanie assures Bryan that he can have a shot when he gets back.

He says the people deserve an awesome WWE Champion. He then states that this has been all about Steph holding a grudge against him for what he did at WrestleMania. After he chastises McMahon, he says that he’s going to tell her something that she’s not used to hearing…NO!

Afterward, Stephanie reminds Bryan that two weeks ago his wife, Brie, but her hands on her when he was being loaded into the ambulance and they showed the footage.

She says that she’s going to give him one more chance at Payback this Sunday to make the right decision, or Brie will be fired.

Alicia Fox vs. Emma

Emma gets the control to start the match until Alicia baits her to the outside and nails a boot to the face. But, right after getting back into the ring, Emma gets a quick roll up for the win.

After the match, Alicia loses her mind and starts attacking Emma. When she’s done with Emma, she starts terrorizing everyone on the outside, including the fans and even giving a member of the ring crew a wedgie.

Adam Rose vs. Damien Sandow (Dressed as Davy Crockett)

A few minutes into the match, Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter come out with one of the Rosebuds hostage. Rose is still able to get the pin on Sandow, but Swagger hits the ring right after and takes out Rose.

Rose comes back though and starts pummeling Swagger to end the segment.

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets things started off early before Sheamus gets the momentum back prior to the commercial break.

Back from commercial, Sheamus starts to take the match over, delivering a series of axe handles before Del Rio makes him miss in the corner.

After Del Rio gets some more offense in, Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick for the win.

Afterward, Paul Heyman causes a distraction for Cesaro to hit the ring and start attacking the US Champion.

Shield-Evolution contract signing

The Shield are in the ring first and they clear the ring of everything, tables and chairs. They say this isn’t going to be a normal contract signing.

Evolution then makes their way to the ring and asks the Shield whether or not they’re sure they want to sign the contract. Both teams to and they immediately start brawling.

After the Shield gets the upper hand, HHH grabs the sledgehammer, hits Reigns and that’s when Evolution starts to dominate.

They triple power bomb Reigns through a table on the outside and stand tall to end the go-home show before Payback.