San Diego Padres chairman: Team will not bring back brown and gold color scheme

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

As far as throwback uniforms go, those San Diego Padres’ jerseys with the brown and gold color scheme garner as much positive reaction as almost any. With a relatively less exciting current option that revolves around navy blue, would the Padres ever consider a more permanent return of the old-school brown and gold?

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No. And that would be a firm no from Padres chairman Ron Fowler. The following series of tweets comes from Bernie Wilson of the Associated Press:

Presumably Fowler and the rest of the Padres’ front office is starting to feel the heat of another disappointing season, but it still seems like he could have been less salty in his response to this issue.

There are surely great and loyal Padres fans in the San Diego area and beyond. While those fans deserve their due, it seems safe to say that the Padres do not generate a ton of buzz, whether it be with play on the field or news off of it. What harm could there be in bringing back an old color scheme that is popular with fans? Or at least opening the issue up for further conversation?

Unfortunately the answer is no, and we will only see those throwbacks on rare occasions.

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