Tom Brady says he wants to stay in NFL after he retires


This, Tom Brady gave a great in-depth interview with MMQB’s Peter King in which we really saw the brain of the future Hall of Famer picked. Not everything was engrossing material, but for the most part we got a good look at the man inside the Patriots helmet we’ve seen dominate the game for so many years now.

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As Albert Breer from NFL Network points out, one of the more interesting things to take away from Brady’s chat with King is that he plans on staying around football after his playing days are over. This could mean any number of things, but it’s sounding like the game of football won’t be losing Tom Brady when he decides to call it career sometime within the next 10 years.

This shouldn’t be all that surprising, but it is a little interesting to hear confirmed by Brady. He has always seemed more of the Leonardo DiCaprio type, where he just travels the world living the life of luxury and occasional drops in to make a movie. Brady seems the same way, where he’d enjoy his retirement being an ambassador for the finer things in life while living in a Spanish villa, but it appears he’s just too in love with football.

Lots of players have come back to the game after they’ve retired, and it’s hard to see Brady not being motivated by the success that John Elway has had in Denver while running the Broncos. We don’t know what Brady would do, whether it would be a front office job, become an owner like Michael Jordan or return in a coaching capacity like Jim Harbaugh and so many others.

Either way, Brady doesn’t appear to be moving away from the game of football anytime soon and that is a good thing, whether you admit that you sort of like him or not.