Apple iWatch to be round device


One of the largest rumors surrounding Apple is the development of a smartwatch that will work with the company’s iPhone and iPad devices.

The iWatch (unofficial name) has seen rumor after rumor released without any type of confirmation from Apple itself. The latest rumor to be making rounds involves the design of the device itself.

Brian Blair, an analyst at Rosenblatt Securities, reports the iWatch will have a round face. Blair found this information thanks to “supply chain sources” during a trip to Taiwan.

Blair’s sources, according to the report, say that the device will be aimed to look like a regular watch a la the Moto 360. That being said, the iWatch will be thinner in profile than its Android-based counterpart.

The device is expected to go into product around July or August of this year with Apple creating various models of the the iWatch. Blair assumes that the models will feature one designed for men and one designed for women. He also expects that Apple will order between 18-21 million iWatches.

Apple has declined to comment on the iWatch rumors.

Mike’s Musings: With all the rumors surrounding the iWatch, I really hope that Apple finally reveals the device at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference next week in San Francisco.