Bills’ Jim Kelly thanks crowd after radiation treatments (Video)


Former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly began radiation treatments for sinus cancer nearly two months ago. On Wednesday, Kelly finished his final round of treatment.

His family shared the news on Twitter and Instagram, then uploaded a video of Kelly leaving the hospital. Outside was a crowd of friends and family cheering for him, and Kelly addressed the crowd and struggled to get out words. It was incredibly emotional and powerful

“Thank you guys,” he said, according to “I know I could not have done this without family and friends and you guys have been here since day one,” said Kelly. “I have a long way to go but I know with you people on my team I’ll be here for many many more years and many more parties and gatherings, so thank you.”

It is incredibly good news for Kelly, but the fight isn’t over.

“At the conclusion of chemotherapy and radiation, we will wait two to three months to determine the status of his cancer before deciding if surgery will be necessary,” Dr. Peter D. Costantino said in an April 1 statement, via ESPN.

Costantino has said that Kelly’s cancer remains “very treatable and potentially curable.”

I had the privilege of meeting Kelly once many years ago in New York City, and he is an incredibly kind person. Hoping the road only gets better for him.

You can see the Instagram photos from his final day of radiation below.

Watch Kelly address the crowd below: