Steve Sax gets tiny residual checks from his appearance on classic Simpsons


Homer at the Bat is one of the great early Simpsons episodes, and for one MLB star who had a cameo appearance in the ep, the work he did with Homer and the gang is still paying the bills all these years later.

Steve Sax, who appeared as one of the ringers hired by Montgomery Burns to take down Homer Simpson’s team of stiffs, told the story on 104.5 The Zone about the dough he is still raking in from his one-off gig as a voice actor. Midday 180 host Paul Kuharsky tweeted:

That my friends is not a misprint. Steve Sax is still pulling in quarterly residual checks worth from 45 cents to a whopping 73 cents. Just from being on The Simpsons.

Amazing to think that, all these years later, Steve can buy a cup of coffee at McDonald’s off of two residual checks from playing himself in an animated television show. America, man.

But seriously though, that was a great Simpsons episode. Remember when Simpsons episodes were great? Remember when Steve Sax was still a baseball star? Remember when Jose Canseco wasn’t yet a crazy man on Twitter ranting about Martians?

That was a long time ago. I feel old now. I wish I had a couple Steve Sax Simpsons residual checks so I could buy a package of Gummy Bears.

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