Giants’ Pablo Sandoval uses cowboy boots for luck


Pablo Sandoval has a unique superstition these days after hitting home runs. He puts on his cowboy boots and does a little jig. Apparently stolen from Madison Bumgarner, he found that they fit him perfectly and chose to do a dance in them as a joke. Bumgarner then gave him a pair of his old boots to wear. Little did he know that he’d start hitting home runs and the luck has continued.

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Baseball has always been a sport surrounded by superstition. It has gotten to the point where Sandoval even brings them to the dugout and puts them on after hitting a homer. He was even caught on camera in the dugout sporting his uniform with boots earlier this week.

“You know how baseball players are superstitious,” Bumgarner said. “He thought it was good luck. So it’s been kind of an every day thing since then.”

His teammates continue to make light of the situation. But Giants manager Bruce Bochy simply says, “Have you seen him in those things? It’s not a good look. But hey, if it works, keep breakin’ ‘em out.”

Here’s a picture shared on Instagram:

“You’ve got to draw the line somewhere,” said Bochy, even though his team did manage to win a World Series due to a rally thong superstition. Perhaps the cowboy boots will lead the team down the same path and win yet another World Series this season.

It doesn’t look like Bumgarner will be getting those boots back anytime soon, if ever. If it works then keep breaking those boots out.