Apple WWDC 2014: Maps in iOS 8 to include public transit schedules


Apple is set to unveil its new iOS 8 tomorrow at a keynote for the Worldwide Developers Conference and the event is looking like it could be a huge day for Apple and it’s next generation products. While no specific products are being unveiled, at least not that anyone knows of, we will be seeing some of the new features that iOS 8 will provide and one of those improvements is expected to come to the Maps app.

The previous launch of the Maps app was an utter disaster that still hasn’t totally been cleaned up. That’s something we’re all expecting to see with iOS 8 though as Apple has had two years to sort out the bugs and problems with Maps and could be finally including features we were all used to before they were taken away for no apparent reason.

Mashable wholeheartedly agrees and similarly points out that the updated version of Maps for the iOS 8 is likely to include changes such as public transit schedules and improved points of interest.

"Ever since its botched debut in 2012, Apple has been furiously improving Maps, which now isn’t half bad. Based on acquisitions and rumors, Maps will finally get directions for public transit. It’ll also get better points of interest (POI), including airports, parks and highways, according to9to5Mac."

The lack of having a public transit schedule smacked of elitism on the part of Apple as they seemingly didn’t think that normal people ride buses and don’t have cars of their own. Not everyone needs that feature but for a phone that is supposed to provide basic features like that, missing a public transit feature in Maps for two whole years is embarrassing still.

Hopefully i gets cleaned up, as iOS 8 is looking like a major update for Apple that could change the game moving forward yet again.