MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins to pursue aggressive trades early?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
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The Miami Marlins are perhaps best known for their history of having fire sales every few seasons. Unable or unwilling to take on big contracts, they part ways with guys who might be in line for big paydays and go back to the start with their young players.

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What always seems to happen in these cases is that the Marlins get bailed out by their incredible ability to scout and develop players, and within a few years they are back in contention. That looks to be the case so far in 2014, even with the devastating loss of ace pitcher Jose Fernandez for the season. The Marlins’ record currently sits at 28-28.

That raises an interesting question to consider. Could the Marlins, less than two years removed from trading top-dollar guys like Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle to the Toronto Blue Jays, be in position as buyers that will make an aggressive move this summer?

Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports says that the Marlins are candidates to pursue a trade to bolster their roster for a potential playoff run. Furthermore, Rosenthal points to their history of making trades early in the summer and suggests that the same might happen again in 2014.

It is almost a given that the Marlins will have the prospects in their farm system to make a significant trade offer. The questions would surround their willingness to take on more payroll, even temporarily, to do such a thing.

This rumor also serves as a reminder of the doors that have been opened by the addition of a second wild card in each league. A team like the Marlins can afford to fancy themselves as contenders and consider making a trade with less risk. Like seasons past, this could create some interesting action this summer around the trade deadline.