Apple WWDC 2014: Apple introduces ‘Interactive Notifications’


This has been a long time coming for Apple.

For years, users have complained about the inability to respond to text messages while within another app instead of being forced to exit the app as a whole, but with the release of iOS 8, Apple’s latest operating system for the iPad and iPhone, Apple has solved the issue with what they call ‘Interactive Notifications’.

When a notification emerges, whether it be a text message, Facebook notification, or e-mail, Apple has added the ability to instantly reply just by swiping down on the notification, as seen below in the image.

Via Engadget

You are also given the ability the accept or decline Calendar invites, and as seen above with the mention of Facebook, is available to third-party apps.

It’s a late response to a feature that has been available on competitor’s phone for years, but Apple’s need to be a perfectionist has forced them to play catchup. In fact, this isn’t the first time a feature similar to quick SMS replies has been introduced as Apple glossed over it during the iOS 6 introduction, but when the feature was released to the public, it was a no-show.

But that won’t be the case here as Interactive Notifications are a integral piece of iOS 8.