Apple WWDC 2014: Live news and updates


At approximately 1pm ET, Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage for the keynote speech at the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conferece. Fans and various Apple developers from around the world will be tuned in to witness one of the company’s largest press events of the year.

The conference runs from June 2-6, but the biggest news usually comes during the keynote speech.

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The WWDC is an event primarily for those who create software and products for Apple products. With that in mind, the revealings of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 are expected to be the focal points of the keynote speech, with each operating system receiving ample time during the presentation. Is OS X 10.10 receiving the major visual overhaul that has long been rumored? Is iOS 8 more of an operating system about tweaks to what’s in iOS 7 rather than a whole new OS?

The iPhone 6, iWatch, Apple TV and Smart Home have all been rumored to be coming during the event. Apple has a history of only live-streaming events when big news is set to be unveiled. Will Apple shock everyone, and unveil a new piece of hardware for users at WWDC 2014?

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Technology editor Michael Straw will be live, providing news from the event and commentary on the various announcements. He’ll also be able to answer any questions you may have in the chat box below.

Our live coverage of WWDC 2014 will begin at 12:15pm ET right here!